An insight into Nepal

Much of the initial attraction of Nepal comes from the fact that so many of us do not know much about this mountainous country, which is steeped in history, traditions, magic and mystery. Kathmandu is on the air map, and is actually relatively easy to reach from any part of the world. This capital city is conveniently small by metropolitan standards, and an adventure can begin within just an hour of landing in the midst of the splendid foothills of the Himalayas. This does not mean that there aren't things to see and to do in and around Kathmandu, but most people are so eager to get amidst the verdant countryside that the usual sightseeing and shopping is best left for the end of your stay.

Since opening her borders in the 1950’s a number of changes have been seen, one of which is, Nepal being no longer a kingdom. The change to a federal republic has dissolved the decade long conflicts, returning peace to the mountains and optimism to its people.

Nepal is so blessed with gurgling rivers, luxuriant forests and pristine wildlife easily accommodating a lifetime of adventure. The spectacular views of the legendary mountain, the sense of achievement of reaching the hallowed grounds which have hosted so many record setting expeditions and the heavenly scenery, are all ingredients of a wonderful trip However, it is the friendly,  hardy mountain folk living all along the trek path, who make the most indelible impressions on every traveller.

Nepal is not for couch potatoes, but even those who pride themselves on peak fitness levels should prepare for the rigours of high altitude trekking, which a visit to the Everest Base Camp involves.

Nepal is also enjoyed at a more gentle pace soaking up the mountains from Himalayan viewpoints, strolling through the cultural world heritage sites that display the artistic and architectural traditions and immense in nature at Nepal’s wild and outstanding national parks.

Please see our sample itineraries to give you a taste of the country: