Client Testimonials

Dear Mimi,

Just to let you know that we had an amazing time and loved the trip. All of the Guides were charming and helpful and filled us with history facts and figures as well as making sure that we had seen all that we should and letting us have coffee breaks etc and keeping the pace appropriate for Lee . We especially loved the trips to the villages , the crafts and our sundowner on the Irrawaddy in Bagan as we did our visits to Pagodas . We loved that we swam looking out at Pagodas in our Bagan hotel and were pleased not to be on the lake at Inle - we were a part of the "family" in the Inle hotel which was very nice and at 13 rooms definately a "Boutique" hotel . It was quite full on so we enjoyed the final 2 days at the Coast . Our guides Akerie, Wallis , Power and Yan couldn't have been nicer and our village guide in Bagan was lovely and spoke perfect English . Thank you for organising everything for us especially since we didn't give you much time .

Hope all well with you

Barrie and Angie              

Hi Mimi,

A  belated  " thank you"   for your  arrangements  for our Burma trip , also  to stay at your new  Hotel Project.  We came home with fond memories of Burma, and people of Burma.  I am sure,  business will be great for you with your hospitality and superb staff working there.




02 March 2013  

Hi Mimi,

We had  wonderful time in your beautiful country. I don't think there was a single day without at least one memorable highlight. I particularly enjoyed visiting the villages and seeing people in their homes. They always seem to be smiling. Is this a genuine and spontaneous reflexion of their feelings or is it in anyway a social mask?

Wishing you well,


Nicholas Oppenheim.

02 March 2013

Dear MiMi,

We’re safely back in London, and I’ve had time to catch up with life again. We had a wonderful, wonderful time.  The itinerary was fantastic, and it will be a long time before we forget all the sights, sounds and above all the wonderful people of Burma.  Thank you so much for arranging it.

Best regards


02 March 2013  

Hallo Mimi,   

I tried to call you yesterday evening but unfortunately couldn't get through. Right now I'm sitting in the sky lounge in Bangkok. I would like to thank you for your help during my stay in Myanmar. You are wonderful people and I hope you will stay this way even with more tourists coming in and bringing other customs. I have seen a lot of beautiful things but also a lot of poverty which had a real big impact on me. Especially a lot of children are affected by poverty. I hope that they will get a chance to go to school and get educated, because that is the key to a better future. I would really like to get involved in a project that helps children to improve their future.
Warm wishes to everybody and thanks to everybody for their help!      


19 February 2013

Hi MiMi,

Sri Lanka is an amazing place. We enjoyed the Hill Country as well as the sea side.

Guide and driver were nice people and we had fun with them. The accommodations were more than fine, apart from the Dickoya Bungalow… not really at the same level as the other places, but food was really good (homemade style) and pretty cheap!!

Both Tati and I ate Rice and Curries almost every day!   We will have to go back soon, to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Country!

 Thank you for your arrangements and coordination!!

Best Rgds,



17 February 2013          

Dear MiMi,       

Thank you for going to so much trouble to organise our trip to Burma. My grandson, when he saw the itinerary, said we would be exhausted as we were doing so much!  In fact it worked very well as we could always relax in the cars and were grateful for the foot wipes and bottles of water!  Some of the guides were better than others (of course) but all unfailingly polite, charming and considerate. We found your country amazingly calm, safe, clean and unspoilt and really loved it and everyone we met - so welcoming and helpful. Highlights probably the river cruise, Inle and the beach.


Dear MiMi,

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the trip. It was one of the most exciting of my life, and the arrangements you made were superb. The guides were terrific, knowledgeable and lovely people, all three. The hotels, the vans, the travel...everything was great. I can't thank you enough for all your efforts...and I am already looking forward to going back as soon as I can!

As soon as I get over my jetlag, I'd like to write more, and keep in touch.

Gratefully yours,             

Dear MiMi,

I tried to work in all the things that I think might have interested me when I was first starting.

-- that "tours" have a bad rep and this was no tour

-- that we saw and did an amazing variety of things

-- that the guides were great

-- that we felt comfortable all the time

-- that we could afford it

-- that I would go again

But ask for any changes you want. It really was wonderful -- I don't want to give up Paris in my life, but I certainly want to return to SE Asia.

You don't arrange tours... you arrange to introduce people to countries. You gave us Cambodia and Burma - the people, places and arts old and new. The guides you chose were wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable. I always felt comfortable and cared for but never "controlled". We waded across a lake in Burma to see an elephant camp, drove down rutted roads to a pottery village outside Yangon, and wandered the markets and temples everywhere. We swam in the Bay of Bengal and saw golden pagoda and water buffalo during a six hour boat trip . In Cambodia, our guide, who knew more than an art historian about Ankgor Wat, taught us about ancient temple carving and practices -- and life in "modern" Cambodia.

Thank you so much. I never imagined it could be so easy, so full and so affordable. If possible, I want to try Laos next year.

Thanks again


Dear MiMi,

A beautifully organised trip, the balance perfect between the various destinations. We had a wonderful time.

The highlights were the Golden Rock, which we visited a festival time so it was heaving with people, many very ethnic – a lovely hotel too, but thank heavens for sedan chairs for Di at any rate for about a third of the climb up the hill.

Also Mrauk U which we simply adored. It's a great place for buy viagra online mini trekking up hill and down dale and seeing at close hands how real people live work and survive. Of course we saw the great temples – the Shittaung complex inevitably sticks in the mind, and the internal chambers with their magnificent carving – but the sort of impression that will stick in our minds were the little family clustered round the water pump, she working it with her feet, he taking the resulting water and sprinkling it on their small holding with watering cans made out of oil cans, and the tiny children looking after each other. And of course the voyage upstream to the Chin villages with the tattooed ladies, a wonderful happy and relaxed day. The hotel was fine, the food excellent, and the staff incredibly attentive, but it's tiring a little. Fine for us, but there are newer ones going up. We have to add that for the right people we would recommend Mrauk U for a first Burma visit as a substitute for Bagan; although there are big differences, we preferred MU, no doubt about it.

The wildlife sanctuary was quite marvellous. So many varieties of birds, and including some of our faves, specifically three different types of kingfisher. Very exciting. The accommodation not tired but verging towards exhaustion, not that we cared, although I couldn't make the shower work till early on the last day when I had already given up. I think that the comment I would make – intended helpfully – is that travellers like us will accept anything, provided we know what to expect. I think that the problem with this place is that it doesn't seem to be often used and the staff clearly didn't check whether everything worked. Food fine though.

The oxcart ride round the ruins at Thayekhittaya was also a memorable experience, for its novelty if nothing else. Rather special oxen too.

So there it is. Everything we hoped for. Thank you, thank you

Diana and Daniel

Greetings, my dear MiMi,

Did you know that I am very special as born on a Wednesday - morning - which is when Buddha was born.

Never seen so many Buddha's in my whole life - totally Buddhaed out - 90,000 in one place, 80,000 in another and the 18 inch Buddha made up of hundreds of Buddhas! Each temple one went into the Buddha - or mostly many of them were such a surprise as so different. Thank god for their faith which makes them into such accepting gentle people - need to be with the Chinese on their doorstep and infiltrating. With NIgel we were up - pre dawn, and the moody misty morning before the sun came up, and as it went down, over the Mrauk U temples was breathtaking.

Just back and had the most wonderful and fascinating time. Well done for organising it all. Everything went so well. We had amazing picnic lunches Expected sandwiches of that nasty cheap colonial bread but had chicken and noodles. So delicious. Loved it all - did not get into my drawing for the first few days but picked it all up quickly and it amused so many people and made them relax and our trip much more fun. Could not face the dreadful ex British breakfasts, the bread, nasty cheap strawberry jam and something resembling butter so it did not take me long to have Burmese breakfast of soup with noodles. Managed to try the crispy bamboo worms!

Quite one of the best trips we have all ever done.

The schedule on the last day was very tight as the plane was delayed and we had about half an hour turn around to get our international flight in Yangon. Our guide did wonders to look after us and we know she made endless telephone calls - all luggage and us out of the plane in a flash, transported by bus to the international terminal and onto the flight just in time. Nowhere else in the world could that have been more efficiently done.

We have such happy memories and my journal is a treasure. Bought me two special small golden umbrellas - those we saw at an initiation ceremony at Lake Inle so I have opened them - how exotic, and will somehow attach them to my sofa on the veranda - the others all bought huge ones, but I bought one made of saris in India so could not be too disappointed when there were not enough for the 4 of us.

Where shall we go next Christmas?

So it was great fun and marvellous adventure with lots of memories and stories to tell. All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to Burma (where my mother was born)

Best wishes for a happy year ahead.


Dear MiMi,

I have been meaning to write to you for ages now to thank you so much for organising our trip so very well to Burma. The guides were just brilliant and the way that the last day was organised with the connecting flights was absolutely phenomenal. I don't think that an operation could have been smoother anywhere else in the world.

The itinerary was perfect and gave us just the right time in each place and having the two boat experiences was such fun - each day better than the previous day. The people of Burma were so warm and friendly and gracious and we felt very blessed to have had the opportunity to visit your beautiful country.

Thank you so much for all you did to make our trip so special,

With warmest wishes,


Susie Allan